Back-to-School Motivation Tips



No one is excited for the dreaded transition from summer back to school. However, as it inevitably arrives, the best way to get ready for the year is to start with preparation.

While it’s easy to deny and ignore the arrival of the school year, consider taking a few small steps to prepare for the first day. This can include simple tasks such as walking your schedule ahead of time so you don’t get lost, and taking the time to look at your class syllabi so you’re not completely shocked by the amount of work that’s in the future. By coming prepared and knowing your schedule, accompanied by your books and supplies, you can eliminate extra unnecessary first-day nerves!

Being prepared for the first day is the best way to cut off your procrastination habits before they even begin.


While school may not be as thrilling as summer, here are some things you can do your to make the preparation process a little less dull.

1) Grab a friend and walk your schedules together. You can help each other navigate and establish designated hang-out spots to chill and chat with your squad between classes.

2) Shopping for school supplies can be a bit overwhelming. Pick out supplies that are vibrant in color and have designs you like so writing in your notebook isn’t a chore, rather something you can get into.

3) Stocking your fridge with your favorite snacks and drinks is another preparation essential. Between balancing school, activities, family, and friends, it’s nearly impossible to get enough sleep! After snoozing your alarm in the morning (more than once, we assume), you’re probably in need of a little boost—this is where a fully-stocked fridge comes in handy. LIMITLESS Lightly Caffeinated Sparkling Water is the perfect beverage to power your productivity this school year. With 0 sugars, 0 calories, and 35mg of clean caffeine, these mighty cans are essential in helping you conquer every aspect of your crazy schedule. 


Having a planner can truly be a lifesaver! Planners are the best way to keep track of your homework, exams, club meetings, activities, practices, and anything else that contributes to your hectic days.

But planners don’t only need to be for organizing schoolwork; you can make them personalized! Label school breaks, birthdays, and fun events coming up…give yourself something to look forward to when times get stressful!

If you’re really feeling up to it, pick out a few inspirational quotes you like and write them throughout your planner. This is a great motivational tool!


Written by Shana Craven

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