LIMITLESS Humans - Part 1

LIMITLESS® is constantly being inspired by the people who sip on our beverages and visit our cafes. Their stories of side hustle and drive motivate us to be productive and strive to better ourselves in our careers and personal lives.

Here are the stories of 6 Chicago entrepreneurs who power their productivity, limitlessly and find ways to stay in the present, daily.

Field Marketing manager, Outdoor Voices

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“It’s all about passion. Having the true passion for what Outdoor Voices stands for, the mantra of ‘#DoingThings.’ It’s empowering to help others find different activities that feel natural and exciting to them—that’s what fuels me. I think it’s that, coupled with the connections that I’ve been able to make in the city; building off of other’s energies inspires me and keeps me limitless.”

Senior Instructor + Trainer, SoulCycle

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“Anything is possible. Whether it’s doing your job and knowing that you have the power to take it any direction that you want, or growing yourself in any way possible so that you don’t feel restrained in any way. If you’re in any type of workout, I love people that feel like they’re limitless and always want more—who try to go up in more weight or try a new move, that’s what makes them limitless.”

Founder, Yoga with Mar

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“I’ve always had a limitless mindset. I’ve never gone by the rules, and that has helped me have a limitless approach to everything that I do…Through the last few years of my finance careers, I was turning to yoga to get me through it. I knew there was something there and I started to explore it and I just dove right in and said that this was what I was doing. Every step of the way clarified for me that I was on the right path, and now it’s 4-years-later, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Founder, The Space Between Yoga


“What makes me limitless is the ultimate belief that I can do anything and I can do everything. But I’ve also realized recently that I don’t have to do it all right now, I don’t have to do everything right at this moment. I can take a pause and I can breathe. Taking care of myself, ultimately, makes me limitless. But I think believing in myself is what’s going to get me the furthest.”

Yoga Teacher


“I feel like limitless isn’t in fact, limitless. We all have our own limitations, but it’s understanding that these limitations aren’t there to hold you back, but they’re there to strive to push you through. Limitations have such a negative connotation, but I think limitations are sent in place for you to prove them wrong.”

Health Coach + Marketing Specialist, Sweetgreen


“People fuel my energy. I love connecting with others, I love being in new places and exploring and trying new things. What truly makes me feel limitless is being able to know that I have the capacity to explore and see what else is out there in the world, and connect with amazing people doing really cool things. I learn from that and use it in my own way so I can continue to grow as a person and as a professional.”

Registered Dietician + Food Blogger

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“Filling my diet with healthy foods and doing activities around the city—caffeinated—that make me feel good are all things that keep me limitless throughout the day. The energy that I get helping others eat the best that they can and live a healthy life also allows me to be limitless in my journey to continue to help others and inspire them to get in the kitchen and make healthier food.”

Spiritual Medium and Founder of Revealing Soul


“When sitting down for a session with me, you can expect to get validations that you are not alone. I always give validations, and that’s the difference between a medium and a psychic. I deliver information from your guides and loved ones around you for the here and now, and I help you connect and rediscover your purpose. Most people say that they feel lighter after coming and seeing me…lighter and inspired. We really get into the heart of the issues about things that are going on and try to unravel it to take steps to move forward.”